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Jessie Lynne's Fine Art

Jessie Lynne is an artist and also a contributing author on The Good. The Bad. The Borderline.

Jessie Lynne is a talented painter who is not confined to a canvas. Her pieces feature a balance of texture and light that elicit an ethereal quality. From pets to landscapes, each work radiates a vitality that'll speak to you on many levels. She's currently accepting custom and commissioned pieces.


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Hopeless to Healed 

A Memoir

 Iris M. Laflamme

Iris Laflamme is an author,  a spiritual healer, and a contributing writer on The Good. The Bad. The Borderline.

Today I am a happy 26 years old despite myself. Had you met me only a mere 5 years ago, I would've  told you I’d be dead long before this. I did die. That old part of myself has been put to rest.


Through chronic pain, depression, extreme anxiety, agoraphobia, loss, abuse, co-dependancy, BPD PTSD, child birth – Here I AM! I'm a young single mother who has experienced profound healing, that I hope I can express through the written word. I'm grateful to be able to share my story, 

I hope my story will  inspire others to find the strength to carry on.

*To learn more about healing through mediation or to book your class today visit my personal website